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Behold, the pitiful wagie

Endlessly ragie. Their money keeps inflating. So they forever work in their wagie cagies.




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We'll All Be Rekt Together!

Bear cycles. Crypto Winters. Rug pulls. Bull liquidations. Red candles. Where there is digital financial pain, Wagies appear and grow.

Find your inner WAGIE - Wagies get REKT

The Wagies are loveable and ambitious workers who can never seem to get ahead. They come in 5 species, and perform hilarious occupations. Collect and trade The Wagies as they stumble through one absurd situation after another.

There's a Wagie for everyone. Try-hards. Do-nothings. Complainers. Starry-eyed dreamers. Lovable fools. Believers. Those on the make, hoping against hope. What they have in common is the idea of a free lunch, of wealth coming as a result of chance and dumb luck. We're not going to lie: we see a lot ourselves in Wagies.

A Wagie for Every Occasion

Wagies are addictive because they hold a mirror to crypto's basest of instincts: nakedly cartoonish avarice and naivety. They won't learn. It's always someone else's fault. And when numbers stop going up, and Wagies inevitably bought high and sold low, they run to regulators and official minders, begging for intervention – thereby casting a shadow on the entire crypto industry.

The Roadmap

The roadmap is pretty tragic but we're optimistic ;)

Stage 1

  • Wagies Launch

  • Do the bare minimum

  • We tweet some stuff and buidl hype

  • If seasonal depression allows we actually build

Stage 2

  • Buy Rope

  • NFT staking

  • Call in sick

Stage 3

  • Something about a metaverse

  • Sick animation

  • Buy more rope

Stage 4

  • Buy Mcdonalds Franchise

  • Buy Yankees

  • Clock out one last time